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Web Site Design Services

Don't settle for a site thrown together in FrontPage that resembles thousands of other sites out there. Don't settle for a template that everyone has access to use! Stand out from the crowd and make your website memorable to those who just happen to run across it! A custom web site design will let your site stand out from the crowd!

Design isn't just about putting up some HTML code and making a webpage. Nowadays anyone can create a webpage. Design is about offering your customers ease of navigation and functionality. These are things I always keep in mind when working on your website design.

We're not newbies dabbling in web design! We've been in business since 1997. Our graphics artist has been working in the graphic arts for twice that long with experience in fabric and print graphics as well as web graphics!

Custom Graphics and Logos

Need a logo or a banner ad created? Custom graphics are available from our graphics professionals. Don't get stuck with fuzzy looking mages...your website deserves a professional appearance! Let Mel help you get the images your business deserves!

Search Engine Optimization

All sites are designed with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind. We will work with you to try to develop an appropriate set of keywords and content to increase your search engine page rank. In less than one month, we were able to increase our own page rank from a 1 to a 5!